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indie game marketing

2015-10-19 13:46:39 by CidadeAP

I would like to share an article in a series Im doing on indie game marketing. Doing it right this time with our next game Rogue Soldier: Seek and Destroy for Steam/PC. Great links and tips!

Kitty Pot Cracker Worlds is almost complete!

Will be released on New Grounds, Game Jolt, Kongregate, Itch, and Scirra Arcade soon!

- 5 Cats, 5 Worlds, 5 Bosses, multiple enemy types

- Try to unlock all 5 victory scenes and get 3 stars in every stage

- 4 control types to choose from: Game Pad, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch

- Added particle effects and new touches to the presentation

- Reworked and balanced game play, sounds and music



Download Kitty Pot Cracker NOW!

2015-03-25 15:41:01 by CidadeAP

Kitty Pot Cracker is releasing on March 25th, here is the release trailer!

In the trenches

2015-03-01 11:05:50 by CidadeAP

Still at the tightening up/bug testing stage of development and it has to be the toughest part of this process but the most rewarding. In game dev, like programming we are always learning new tricks, implementations and such as we go, so when you go back to look at your earlier program structure after you think you're done, it makes you laugh at how poorly you may have put it together in sections or how redundant somethings may be. In going back and trying out different (more efficient) ways to do things you learn a lot but have to be careful not to break the game. Sometimes you just have to take the lessons you learn going forward to new projects and just get the sucker done and release it haha.. Speaking of release dates, Kitty Pot Cracker will be ready for consumption by March 14th or I will cry [:P]

Having missed so many release dates already now I kind of know how professional game devs feel about setting release dates publicly. I try to set a release date to push myself but most of the time its just not realistic. Anyways back to the trenches!


KPC update!

2015-02-03 01:24:23 by CidadeAP

Here is a look at the Ice World Stage Selection screen. We have a lock system and 3 star rating system as well. All five World Stage select screens will have a different look based on the world and cat theme you're in.
We have got 3 out of 5 bosses finished, each boss has a unique pattern and trick to it. Here is a look at the second world boss, the centipede. You have to take out its head and body piece by piece before it reaches the window. If you take out all body parts in time, the centipedes bones will drop down.




KPC still coming!

2015-01-13 13:29:13 by CidadeAP

Some bad news and some good news.

 The bad news was my depression getting pretty bad over the past couple weeks so the project slowed down to a halt and no progress was being made. When the anxiety gets to the point it did I just cant focus, I get discouraged and start doubting the work, it gets you lethargic and down right crappy overall.

Good news is the storm has passed recently just enough for me to write 4 songs I'm really proud of for the game. They sound like c64/nes/genesis chip tunes and give the game some added energy. I have three more songs to work on now and getting the bosses to work just right is a bit tricky but I think it will come together soon enough.