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So things are coming along nicely. Here are some new screens of the bouncy jellyfish (think Mario Bros Style Movement). Also the Robot Kitty that uses laser guns and a first look at the world map screen where each island floats up and down. Cheers!


Music and sounds

2014-12-04 15:44:49 by CidadeAP

So now I'm at the point I have to start creating music and sound effects for the game. Its challenging to make music for mobile phones as you have to make sure the sound file isn't too big while keeping the quality of the sound high. I use a midi controller with a VST host to make the beats and sounds and later put them in Audacity to mix together. Another challenge to making music is creating a loop that fits the game themes and not annoy the hell out of people haha..What kind of programs do you guys use to compose music tracks or sound effects?

Hi guys, my brother and I have a new game coming out this Hoilday season (I Hope! haha)
This game idea is based off an Atari 2600 game called Crack Pots: //
We are adding different worlds, bosses, a star system, and touch controls etc.
Here are some screenshots of our progress so far:








We are also going to be doing some Twitch live streams of our game's production up to the release date, look out for Natal420 under game dev.